Linear guide / ball screw a factory

Put into operation in September 2021

Covering a total area of 40 mu, with a usable area of 26,600 square meters

Mainly carries the whole line of linear module product machining, quality, assembly, storage


Number of production staff: 240 people

Total number of employees: 330

Second factory area

Put into operation in December 2022

Covering a total area of 30 mu, the usage area is 19,980 square meters

Mainly carries the processing of linear module parts, linear guide/ball screw processing

Vertical Profile Machining Center

Automatic composite profile processing center integrating milling, drilling, tapping and chamfering with a processing length of over 6 meters, which can guarantee the maximum delivery speed

Ball Screw Shaft End Machining

4 sets of CNC lathes and 4 sets of cylindrical grinding machines of Shenyi machine tool, which can realize the monthly production capacity of 13,500 pieces of ball screw

CNC-V8 module parts special machine

The special machine for module parts designed and manufactured by ourselves and the second developed operation interface can greatly simplify the machine operation and improve the product quality while ensuring the efficiency.

Linear guide machining center

Equipped with 6 sets of Taiwan BAYANG 4000 guide grinder and 2 sets of Taiwan BAYANG 6000 guide grinder, which can realize the monthly capacity of 4m and 6m linear guide over 7,500 pieces

Linear slider/ball screw nut processing

The shaped internal thread grinder with elbow multi-angle grinding rod technology, the shaped groove grinder with high power gantry grinding technology, and the fully automatic flat grinder of Guben can achieve a monthly capacity of 7,000pcs for CTH series sliders, 10,000pcs for linear sliders, and 5,000pcs for ball screw nuts.

Centralized inspection room for spare parts

The centralized testing room for spare parts is equipped with a complete set of perfect testing equipment, such as Hexagon CMM, Tokyo precision profiler, quadratic element, projector, electron microscope, hardness tester, etc., to implement full inspection of key parts to ensure the quality of the factory. Inspection room

Assembly and finished product inspection

Constant temperature assembly room to ensure ball pre-pressure fit clearance during assembly of modules, and equipped with Renishaw laser interferometer, electronic noise meter, electronic belt tensioner, torque wrench and other equipment to inspect the finished modules before storage